Our Kids Drove Us Crazy: Did They Succeed?

Power of Two absolutely loves the article, “Our Kids Drove Us Crazy” from Ladie’s Home Journal.  Annette and Michael Feinstein have, what they like to call, “boomerang kids.”  Their two children, then 25 and 26, had both returned home after college.  As parents, Michael and Annette found themselves on opposite sides of the table when it came to the children moving on — and out.

After two years of a full house, Annette had had enough.  She moved out.

Curious how this story ends? Read the rest of the article online at LHJ.com

source: http://www.lhj.com/relationships/marriage/challenges/our-kids-drove-us-crazy/;jsessionid=NEYYF5ZTGS41ICQCEARSCZQ?page=1