The Simple Things In Life

Sometimes it’s all about the simple things.

When people are considering joining the Power of Two Online, we ask them to tell us about a favorite moment they’ve had with their spouse.  Here’s a selection of the kind of things people tell us.

  • I like when we cook dinner together. It is special because we don’t spend a lot of time together, and for some reason I feel closer to him.
  • It was his birthday a few years ago. We had an intimate dinner just the 2 of us. We talked and enjoyed each others company.
  • Simply going out to grab something to eat together is magical for me. We enjoy doing that together and talking and being affectionate in those moments. Recently, on Saturday afternoon going to eat and sitting next to each other, hugging, sharing our food, being able to talk.
  • We went fishing. We spent the whole day together laughing and listening to music. The day was perfect because it was just the two of us. I love when my husband and I spend quality time together.
  • Yesterday he came to my job to have lunch with me because he did not have to go to work. It was so special because we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company and talking to each other was like two friends talking. It was very nice, and a change.

Did you notice that every one of these is some kind of a simple moment where it was “just the two of us.”

Then we ask people what problems they’re having.  About 60% of folks go on to tell us that “time as a couple” is a struggle.

One of the simplest things you can do to get your marriage back on track is to make time to create those simple moments as a couple.  This doesn’t have to be some big, fancy plan.  It doesn’t even have to be an official “date night.”

Time together can be as simple as well, time together.  Cook dinner.  Take a walk.  Sit on  a park bench.  Even folding laundry or doing the dishes can become special together time.

Chances are, the more you make time for spending some simple time that’s focused on enjoying each others company (and for a few brief moments putting down the need to fixing everything, or the temptation to complain or bicker) the more reserves there will be for doing the fixing or resolving the complaints.