Be unrealistically happy???

Of course, everyone wants a happier marriage — even if one’s marriage is pretty darn good!

So, the punch line on a recently released study is that the less realistic you are the better it is for your marriage. They key, is to be unrealistically positive about your spouse. Love their flaws. Idolize their strengths. Go ahead, put em’ on a pedestal.

Here’s the link to the article —

And here’s a link to a great way to get less realistic. This activity is a five message text or e-mail (choose when you sign up) that will help get you thinking positive thoughts about your mate!

Hard as it can be. . . happy, happy and happier.

— Dr. Hirsch

ps Just want to add that, of course, when a spouse is totally out-of-bounds a more realistic approach is most certainly called for!