William and Kate: Where will they ‘Moon?

With the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton fast approaching, royal watchers are dying to know where the regal couple will spend their honymoon.    Vegas bookies have kenya as the odds-on favourite with the Maldives, Scottland, and Canada rumored to be in the mix.   Where will they end up?   And how will they decide????  DO THEY HAVE GOOD CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS??????

Let us imagine this conversation:

Kate: William my darling?

William: Yes my dearest queen?

Kate:  I’ve been thinking about where we might go on our honeymoon…

William:  Ho boy.

Kate: I thought it could be fascinating to go to Kenya!   Wouldn’t that be amazing?

William:  Kenya.

Kate: Its supposed to be beautiful.   It would really be an adventure!

William: I dunno, Kate.  Seems a little ‘rustic’ to me.  What if one of us gets sick?   Do they have western medicine there?   And how would we get around?  I don’t speak Kenyan.

Kate: We’ll bring our own doctors!  Come on, its an chance to try something different.  Learn about a new culture…

William: Ughg…those buses… you know how I hate crowds.  And the heat.  Let’s just go to Manchester.

Kate:  Honestly William I can never get you to go anywhere!   I want to do something interesting.

William: Well how about this.  Lets go to Scotland, and visit my family there.

Kate:  That’s like 50 miles from here.  I want something far away.

William: Okay I’ve got it.  CANADA.  Its far away and different, and its got Western medicine and they speak English.  We’re both happy!

Kate:  Sounds good to me!  I’ve never been to Canada.   A Win-Win!  We are going to be the best monarchs ever!!

And SCENE.   The royals used great Power of Two decision making skills to sort out this conflict.   How did they do it?   Check out PowerofTwoMarriage.com!

Case closed!