Love is Funny: Tweets About Common Marriage Problems

From comic Dana Gould:

Good one Dana!  This is pretty funny, but is he right??   In the real world we would say no, on both counts.    Sometimes, in love, we DO have to say we’re sorry.  Its incredibly important to acknowledge when you’ve hurt someone, or done something to cause your partner to be upset.  And at the same time, even in a marriage, its not helpful to say you’re sorry for something when inside you don’t believe it.   Check out this worksheet about how to make up after a fight and learn the 5 steps to a productive apology.

From comic Patton Oswolt:

While Patton is poking fun at Charlie Sheen’s mantra, we are interested in the bigger question about “winning” battles in a relationship.  At Power of Two we believe that all conflicts and decisions can become WIN-WIN decisions, where both people feel like they’ve won.  Don’t believe us?   Check out Dr. Abigail’s Hirsch explanation of this conflict resolution technique with participants in her workshop.

From pop sensation Lady Gaga:

Good one, Gaga.   A little morbid, but we suppose you’re right – love can way you down or lift you up!   Its so easy for a relationship that has every reason to be full of love to become a source of unhappiness.   Basic communication skills make a huge difference in preventing small tensions from becoming major fights!   Enjoy this great article from Dr. Heitler about communication in marriage.