Dr. Heitler on commuting and your marriage for ABCnews.com

Does distance truly make the heart grow fonder? Not when it comes to commuting.

A recent Swedish study has shown that a marriage in which one spouse spends 45 minutes or more on the road was 40 percent more likely to end in divorce than one in which both partners worked closer to home. While that dream home and dream job may tempt you go the distance, make sure you discuss how to  communicate with your spouse about problems that arise and maintain intimacy during your long hours apart. Power of Two founder Dr. Heitler was recently quoted in an article on the subject for ABCnews.com. “For commuting couples, every minute that they’re together is so valuable,” says Dr. Heitler. “They can least afford to have poor communication skills.”

Check out the whole story and Dr. Heitler’s comments here.


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