Back 2 Back: A look at funny moments in the marriage bed

This Media Monday we’re reverting to middle-school humor. Yes, both of these videos are about farting. You’re giggling already, aren’t you? Hey, this something we all have to deal with when sharing a marriage bed.

The first video is a hilarious advertisement for an amazing sounding product. If this blanket does what it’s supposed to do, I’m buying one ASAP.

It also gives room for reflection. It makes us giggle partly because it addresses something rather taboo in our culture: the fact that our bodies do some crazy stuff. And, at the same time it brings up the fact that these bodily goings-on can have a negative impact on your marriage, preventing sleep, decreasing sexual desire, and causing, guilt, embarrassment and withdrawal. Like the advertisement says, this is a real problem. Since we aren’t used to talking about bodily functions (in fact, we mostly pretend that they don’t happen) they tend to go undiscussed and can spend years wrecking subtle havoc on our relationships. The key is to air out these issues before they make our whole marriage toxic (pun fully intended). Tune in Thursday to part 2 of this series for Dr. Heitler’s tips on how to discuss sensitive issues like body odor and weight with your spouse.

The second video is a little humor dreamed up by our main media man, Daniel (staring him and his wife). The event depicted is not as pungent as the one in the first video. Daniel wrote this short clip after thinking about intimacy and boundaries in marriage. You know you’ve gotten to a sweet place in your relationship when something potentially embarrassing can instead be a funny bonding moment. You can see more PO2 videos on YouTube.


P.S. If you’d like to see more of Daniel’s funny work, check out his account page at Funny or Die. I highly recommend watching “Fan of Kim Yu-Na practices gold metal winning routine.”