Marriage advice from funny baby videos

We love funny baby videos. Babies are fascinating, partly because of how fascinated they are with the world! As this video shows, the sound of a simple sneeze will seem the most amazing, captivating new experience to a baby. The little guy looks terrified, but it’s actually an expression of awe and surprise. We can tell because after the shock of the sound passes, he bubbles with laughter every time. (Hopefully if he were really scared, we wouldn’t count this among funny baby videos. Other people’s terror is not something to laugh at).

Amazingly, a newborn has just as good hearing and eyesight as a grown adult. They seem helpless and confused only because they have a tremendous amount of information to process every second. The world is completely new to them and they are learning at an astounding rate. This is why baby’s only focus about 15 inches away maximum even though their eyes are very developed. They couldn’t handle all that new information at once.

Since our long term memories only start around age 2-3, we can only imagine what it must be like to be a newborn and to encounter the word for the first time. Seeing the world as a baby can be a great exercise for helping your marriage. One common marriage complaint is that the novelty and excitement of the relationship fades. Just as we get used to the world as we grow up, we become desensitized to and take for granted the little things about our spouse that once were so thrilling. In other words, the magic fades.

Try an experiment. Watch this best of funny baby videos a few times. First, just have a great laugh at the comedy of the little guy. His expressions are priceless. Later, watch it again and pay attention to how he pays attention. His whole being is focused on taking in this new sound. You can do this too! Pick something you tend to gloss over in your daily life. It could be a tomato, your couch, your spouse’s arms or hands or face…really, anything. Then take a good, long time to appreciate it. Try to quiet your mind and focus all your attention on this one thing. How does it feel? Taste? Weigh? Sound? Use all your senses to explore and  examine it until you’ve turned it inside out into something completely new. You might find yourself newly fascinated with something old, and newly excited about your partner.

There’s a whole new world underneath the one we are used to. You can use this trick anytime you are feeling stressed or bored. It’s a great way to add spark and excitement to you marriage. Find and appreciate something new about your spouse every day.