Be a cute couple for life

“I want to grow old with you.”

I think this is one of the sweetest things for a cute couple to say to each other. When you first take those wedding vows, it’s hard to really grasp that you will be together till death do you part. Yes, if all goes well, one day you will be old together. So how do you want that old age to look? From books to TV shows to songs, we get bombarded with the image of a grumpy old couple who can’t stop bickering at each other about their marriage problems. They micromanage and nag and are an overall nuisance for everyone. Not only does this perpetuate nasty stereotypes about marriage (marriage is torture, it’s sacrifice, it’s a ball and chain) it sends a bad message about what older adults are like.

Your relationship will change and grow just as you do. It will be very different than it was when you pledged your lives together. At the same time, healthy marriage looks the same no matter what the age. Sharing sweet moments, keeping a close bond, listening to each other, sharing, going on adventures together–all these things are just as important on your 50th anniversary as they are on your 5th.

In fact, keeping up a healthy, lively relationship with your spouse can help you live longer. Having a partner to interact and try out new activities with will keep your mind sharp. The emotional support and physical touch of a spouse will also help you stay healthy as you age. Life is for living, and a spouse is there so make sure you live it fully.

Check out this video of a cute couple performing an impromptu duet in the lobby of the Mayo Clinic. Their cheeky sense of fun and togetherness is inspiring for marriages of all ages.