Lessons from the Kim Kardashian marriage

What a katastrophe.

The Kim Kardashian marriage to Kris Humphries lasted a mere 72 days. She claims she “married for love” and divorced out of “intuition.” Others claim that the entire thing was a publicity stunt and money making scheme. Well, Kim and Kris definitely made bank out of the whole event. Kim got a 20.5 carat engagement ring and $172,000 worth of gifts from her bridal registry. Plus, selling the exclusive rights to cover the wedding to People Magazine made a cool $1.5 million. In fact, overall the couple made $18 million from various media and brand partnerships (Jezebel).

The situation is pretty off putting and many people are outraged. I’m disgusted, and at the same time, trying to see things from multiple angles. If the Kim Kardashian marriage was just a cold-hearted publicity stunt and had nothing to do with love, I have a feeling that she would have held out much longer. A dedicated person who is willing to marry for business could certainly steel herself to stay married for  business. After all, there’s plenty of room in a celebrity marriage for moneymaking gossip about happiness, unhappiness, infidelity, and pregnancy. The lightening fast divorce was a risky move that all involved must have realized would provide considerable backlash.Yeah, it looks bad. So maybe there is some real emotional ground to Kim Kardashian’s divorce. For instance, what if Kris Humphries was starting to show signs of being emotionally or physically abusive? That would certainly be a reason 

for divorce, and explain the haste and lack of public explanation behind the separation. Anyone in an abusive relation should leave it–FAST.

On the other hand, the Kardashian brand is known for being outrageous. And what’s more outrageous than a multimillion-dollar wedding followed by a divorce? So I’m undecided. And in the end, I can’t blame Kim–it’s her personal life and her personal decisions. I don’t know her.

At least there may be one good sign from this whole debacle. I think this whole mess proves that marriage is still relevant. The media public–who have stood behing their fair share of reality shows that delve deep into people’s personal lives–have shown that they still consider some things sacred. Marriage should be taken seriously, not as a trivial display that can be easily undone. People should work towards their marriages with couples counseling once they’ve made a commitment. Marriage is important. And I think this is a little encouraging!

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