Learn how to make a marriage work before you get married

If you love someone enough to consider marrying them, the best gift you can give them is learning how to make a marriage work before you exchange vows. Chances are you’ve already been together long enough to know each other’s flaws and to recognize your own areas for improvement. Perhaps you’ve been together through thick and thin, broken up, reconciled differences, and moved forwards together. Knowing how you work through issues together and having the commitment to getting marriage counseling to better your skills will set your marriage off on the right track.

I fell in love with this “Save the Date” video (below) because not only is it artistically done but tells a beautiful story. This was a great portrait of a relationship that has the skills for how to make a marriage work. Before getting hitched this couple had already learned to work together to overcome differences, showed commitment and compassion for the other’s concerns and desires, and were willing to be flexible an open-minded for each other. These are key elements of how to make a relationship last.

 The two lovers start out seeming very different: the woman is a fashionista who loves shopping and elegance; the man is a football fan who is never without his junk food. They meet and realize they have much more in common than first appears. At the same time, their relationship runs into problems because of their superficial differences–they can’t appreciate each other’s lifestyles. In the end, time passes, they learn and grow, adventures are had and…well, you’ll see!

Watch the video and let me know what you think. How do you know when/if you are ready to get married? What kind of issues did you deal with during your engagement? What do you think is the most important pre-marital step in how to make a marriage work?