10 Quirky & Fun Date Ideas

Relationships provide security, love, support, and sexual fulfillment–and they also should provide fun! Enjoying each other’s company, taking time to have adventures and new experiences together, is a key element in how to make a relationship last. Date nights are a great way of reconnecting with your spouse after a long week of chores, appointments and responsibilities. At the same time, it’s important to not let your date nights turn into routines themselves–the point of the date is to try something new together and put a little pizzazz into your connection. Try these fun date ideas if you’re just starting out “dating again” or you’re looking for something new to try.

The fun date ideas I’ve included are all cheap or free. Money is almost always a form of stress on a relationship, and I like to avoid equating a “treat” with something expensive. Dates are also a good opportunity to do something active and healthy, get outside and get moving with your honey-bunny. Oh, and by the way, exercise increases circulation which leads to more vavoom! in the bedroom.

1. Take a hike

Getting out into nature is good for your body and your mental health. If you live in an urban area it can be a real breath of fresh air for you and your relationship. Check up on your local parks with the National Park Service’s “Find-a-Park” tool. Make a bag of your favorite trail mix and/or pack a picnic and head out on the trail.

2. Stroll through a street fair

Spring is here and that means festival season is coming! Check your local paper for street festivals and other free outdoors events. Try hitting up a flea market or other goods fair together. Put together a scavenger hunt for the best and ugliest/weirdest items you can find.

4. The Staycation

Do you live near an ethnic enclave in your city? Try exploring the markets of Chinatown, Little Italy, or the Jewish neighborhoods in your area–whatever culture you are least familiar with. Look up some recipes before hand and have fun shopping for the ingredients. Ask questions, taste samples, explore.

3. Beach Day

This is a fun date idea for a nice spring day. Stroll the beach, play in the waves, make sand castles. Bring a book of short stories and read aloud to each other under the shade of an umbrella.

5. Blast from the Past

Turn back the clock to both your preteen years. What was your favorite movie when you were 13? Buy lots of candy and cook up some teenage snack food. Put on footie-pajamas and dance to old tunes. Take turns telling each other funny stories about your childhood and do those things you thought being an adult was all about–you know, like eating an entire tub of Marshmallow Fluff.

6. Bust a Move

Another of the healthy fun date ideas. Sometimes live music performances featuring dance music–salsa, bhangra, country, swing, hip-hop–offer free dance lessons before the show. Buy some tickets and show up for the lessons together–don’t worry, everyone else will be new at it, too! If you get hooked, why not try taking weekly lessons?

8. Adult play time

 The availability and comfort of sex in marriage is one of the great things about being hitched…and one of its major problems. Bring back that pulse-racing desire of your first encounters with daylong sensual adventure. Step one: get the kids out of the house. Step two: spend the day seducing each other. Serve sexy foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make a sexual wishlist at the beginning of the day and take a trip to an adult store together for the necessary equipment. The catch? Hold off on the lovin’ until later in the evening. Building up the tension and desire during those hours will pay off when the time comes!

7. A night at the museum

 Lots of museums have free or reduced price days for locals or the general public. Also, there is a growing trend of late night events. In the SF Bay Area the Academy of Sciences, Asian Art Museum and Chabot all have nighttime programs that include full admission to the museum plus live music, drinks and entertainment. The cost is usually the same or even less than regular admission.

9. Deal adventure

 Sites like Groupon, Google Offers and Living Social frequently offer discount activities that make great fun date ideas and definitely encourage spontaneity. Try scuba lessons, horseback riding, hang gliding, dance lessons, or a spa day for a fraction of the normal price.

10. Funcheap.com and beyond

Websites like SFFuncheap are a great resource for finding any local event that are…well, fun and cheap/free! You can filter your search by location and type of event. FunCheap is for the San Francisco Bay Area only, but lots of similar sites exist for other metropolitan areas.