Pair social app lets you network with your spouse

Are you one of those couples who flood each others Facebook times lines with posts? Studies have shown that reaching out to your partner in small ways throughout the day can foster intimacy and positivity. At the same time, the rest of your social network might not appreciate being subjected to your lovey-dovey messages.

Well now, there’s an app for that!

Launched for iOs in March, Pair allows couples to share messages, play games, and send “thumb kisses” (each phone vibrates when you hold your finger on the screen at the same time). The app has just been released for Android, so now your love need not be diminished by the divide of interfaces.

Oleg Kostour, the founder of Pair, designed the app to communicate with his long-distance girlfriend when he moved from Canada to Mountain View, CA. Pair seems a great way to stay connected when you are apart from your spouse, whether it’s for weeks or just a few hours. It also keeps your communications private so feel free to send those saucy messages suggesting what you’ll do once you’re reunited!

The app also allows couples to maintain a joint to-do list. These could be chores, or life accomplishments…or even marriage goals. Power of Two has a text message series that members can sign up for that sends out daily notes of marriage inspiration for a period for a few weeks. Even better would be to put the initiative in your hands. What about integrating PO2 with a mobile app like Pair? You could maintain your list marriage goals, send each other high-fives when you appreciate something your spouse does, and communicate about your mood.

Nothing replaces face-to-face communication in relationships. At the same time, most of us spend significant parts of our day separated. As much as technology has the power to alienate us from the real world, it can also be a powerful tool for developing relationships. Props to Pair for paving the way.

But it’s still probably not a good idea to sext naked pictures of yourself… 🙂