Review: Tokii offers relationship games on your smart phone

Tokii, a Canadian self-help gaming company, has just released two of their most popular relationship games for iOS and Android.  Since providing relationship help with fun online activities is close to Po2’s heart, I decided to check our what they have to offer!

At you are invited to “Touch base with Tokii: Get together. Get talking. Get intimate.” After signing up for a free account you can invite your significant other to join you in a “relationship.” From there you have tons of options to play relationship games, take quizes, read articles, and chat with other members in forums. The site keeps track of the activities you do with your spouse and offers insights about your relationship.

The phone apps are essentially pared down versions of two activities available on their website. The Mood Meter allows users to log their mood during the day, send it to their spouse, and even post it to Facebook or Twitter. The app keeps track of your mood entries and over time generates a “mood history” you can share and discuss with your partner.

The other featured app is “Sharing Games”. These are short quizes that allow you to share opinions and facts about yourself on different topics. As a disclaimer, I didn’t create an account and sign in to play the games. But they look quite interesting. Topics range from basic (“My social interests”) to political (“The Economy and Obama”) to the sociological (“Fairytales” which prompts you to “see how fairy tales have shaped the way you view relationships and male/female roles as an adult.”). Some of these relationship games are sure to promote deep thinking and communication in a relationship. Even the more basic questions may reveal things things you didn’t know your spouse.

Relationship games are now apps on smart phones
Relationship games can help you break up routines.

Tokii intends these games help jolt couples out of their habits of interaction, which I think is a great idea. Interjecting new ways of thinking and talking–specifically about new subjects–is essential to keeping marriages healthy. As I wrote in a previous post on how to put the spark back in your relationship, the longer you are with your spouse the more you tend to assume things about him rather than processing what he does or actually asking what he thinks. This is unfortunate because not only does it lead to misunderstandings and arguments, it glosses over the ways in which your partner may have grown and changed over the years.

Tokii’s relationship games app seems like a great resource, especially for younger couples who are used to communicating via text and sharing status updates. I imagine it could also be useful for keeping in touch with children, siblings and friends. If any of you try Tokii, let me know what you think!