10 sure-fire date night ideas

Post-holiday winter: the time of year when everything falls into a rut and feels uninspired. Well  it’s about time to start brainstorming date night ideas! Date nights are a tried-and-true way to connect with your partner and keep the romance alive, especially from the chaos of busy work lives and raising children.

At the same time, date nights can be their own kind of trap. Going out to dinner every weekend can start to seem like drudgery and lead to frustration and resentment. It can also be, well, boring. The key to a successful date night is to make you feel like you are really on a date. It should leave you excited about each other, having learned something or seen a new side of your spouse, and of course, having had fun. Here are 10 quirky and sure-fire date night ideas for this chilly January.

1. Take a class or workshop together

Search your local non-profits and art centers for fun one-day and a few weeks long classes. Try photography, DJ-ing, welding or glass blowing, dance lessons…something outside the box! You might want to avoid classes that require you work together on a project as this can lead to conflict (or it could be a bonding experience…decide knowing your own relationship).

2. Sign up for a challenge

Run a 5k for charity or sign up for some other challenging activity together. Training for an event can get you both in shape, motivate each other, strengthen cooperation and communication in marriage, and bring you closer. Plus, the satisfaction of having contributed and completed the challenge is a great self-esteem booster! And group activities a fun way to make new friends as a couple.

3. Visit a museum, aquarium or zoo

If you have little ones you may be well acquainted with these places. At the same time, when you have the kids in tow you rarely get to experience the museum the way you want. Pick a new exhibition or special event (some museums now have “late night” events where they stay open and offer drinks and music for 21+) and take your time exploring with your spouse, sharing your observations and talking.

4. Go to a concert

Check your local newspaper for event listings and go see a band or genre of music you both love. Or, choose a band neither of you have ever heard of to go and see. It could be amazing; it could be a disaster — you won’t know until you go! But even if it’s shocking, it’s definitely a bonding experience, and most certainly a good story to tell later!

5. Reenact your first date

See how far you’ve come as a couple and giggle at how awkward you were at the beginning by reliving one of your first dates.

Date night ideas for the snowy winter months!
Date night ideas for the snowy winter months!

6. Try a new “first date” date night ideas

Remember how your heart raced on your first dates, wondering if he/she really liked you and if it was going to turn into something special? Pick a suitable first date, such as a movie or play, or dinner somewhere. Then spend at least the last half of the day apart (this works well after a work day). Feel free to brag about having a “hot date tonight” to your friends. Arrange it so that you don’t see each other until the date and meet at the venue. Get all dolled up and flirt like crazy! Brainstorm things that you don’t know about your spouse and ask the questions during the night. And, once you get home spend some quality time on 1st-3rd base before having sex. (get sexless marriage help)

7. Go hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing

Being active in nature is good for your physical and mental health–and improving those can really boost your sex life! Check up on your local parks with the National Park Service’s “Find-a-Park” tool and search for winter activities. If you live in an area with lots of snow, try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. You will be astounded at the beauty and silence of the woods in winter. Bring a thermos of something hot (spiked, if you wish!) and snacks to keep you warm. A not of caution: these are exhausting activities so plan your route wisely.

8. An urban adventure date night ideas

Don’t have the time or money for a foreign vacation? Does your city have any ethnic neighborhoods? Try exploring the markets of Chinatown, Little Italy, or the Jewish enclaves in your area–whatever culture you are least familiar with. Even more fun: look up some ethnic recipes beforehand and have fun shopping for the ingredients at local shops. Ask questions, taste samples, and explore together!

9. Tourists for a day

If you grew up where you live now, chances are you’ve never done the “touristy” things in your area, or at least not since your were on that middle-school field trip where you didn’t pay attention to anything anyway. It’s not too late! Grab your sweetie, don your best tourist apparel and head to all the highlights. Don’t forget to take pictures!

10. Snow day date night ideas

Plan a random vacation day from work in the middle of the week. Then while the kids are at school, celebrate your private snow day by building forts, baking cookies and sledding together.