The top 5 marriage news stories of 2012

2012 is over, and what a year it was for marriage news! From findings that could shake the foundation of Christianity, to a royal pregnancy, to new research on happiness, there were many memorable marriage news moments in the past year. Here are my top five.

1. Jesus may have had a wife

Long the subject of conspiracy theorists (and Dan Brown novels), Jesus’ marital status has come to the forefront of religious debate after a Harvard theology professor presented a 300 A.D. Coptic text that references his wife. The Vatican vehemently condemns the paper, and further testing is necessary before Harvard will officially publish any conclusions. All in all, a fascinating debate! We’ll keep you updated on this marriage news as it develops. Read the full article here: Was Jesus Married?

2. Arranged marriages no less happy than marriage by choice.

A UCLA survey study of 58 couples of Indian descent in Los Angeles found that there was no difference in marital happiness between those who had chosen their mates and those whose marriages been arranged. Both sets of couples were equally and extremely happy and content in their marriages, and in love and loyal to their spouses. So if love at first sight isn’t a good predictor of how happy a marriage will be, what is? Strong skills. Read more to find out: Making Decisions.

3. Marriage and technology

The fusion of marriage help and technology pioneered by Power of Two is quickly gaining mainstream attention, and 2012 seems to have been the tipping point. Two smart phone apps and an online gaming program have been developed to help spouses connect and improve their relationships. Check it out here: Pair Social App and Relationship Games.

4. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage and pregnancy

Whether she was ready or not, the whole world found out that Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant after she was hospitalized for morning sickness. Many couples choose to have children within their first year of marriage, as did Kate and William. At the same time, many couples do not. Here’s a comment from a recently married friend: “No sooner had we said “I do” than people started to ask us when we were having a baby. For goodness sakes, we had just taken the huge step of getting married! When to start a family, or to have one at all, is a personal decision, and I urge people to refrain from prying about it, even jokingly.  Kate and William’s marriage will be perpetually in the spotlight due to their royal status: we who are blessed with anonymity, please let us respect each others privacy!” Amen.

5. Pre-wedding jitters are important

All over marriage news was another UCLA study of pre-marital jitters and marital longevity. Turns out, having doubts about your wedding is widespread. Men tended to be more nervous than women, but women’s doubts were a stronger predictor of later divorce. Don’t despair if you were nervous! Jitters point to areas that you can work on and make your marriage even stronger. Pay attention to them, and they will help you. Get more advice here:  Wedding Jitters


Prince William and Kate dominated this years marriage news.
Prince William and Kate dominated this year’s marriage news.