Blog Roll: The Best 10 Marriage Blogs

One of the most important parts of giving advice is also knowing how to take it! The Power of Two marriage blog reads, reblogs and interacts with some awesome other marriage blogs across the internet. These writers give great advice and many are also licensed therapists or counselors. Others are simply very wise, insightful, and delightful writers. But don’t take my word for it–check them out for yourself!

1. Resolution not conflict is Dr. Susan Heitler’s popular Psychology Today blog. In addition to marriage and relationships, Dr. Susan writes about other areas of psychology such as mental health and novel therapy techniques.

2. Black and Married with Kids is one of my top favorite marriage blogs! The site features many different writers and each covers several interesting topics each day. The posts are great reads for general parenting and marriage advice as well as issues focusing on the experiences of families of color. Thought provoking and engaging.

3. The Zen Mom takes a unique approach to parenting and relationships through Zen Buddhism. The Zen principles of reflection, objectivity and compassion blend well with many Power of Two lessons.

4. Marriage Gems writer Lori Lowe is a longtime Power of Two supporter and friend. Lori does a lot of research and writes excellent summaries and debate articles. She’s also written an interview-based book that investigates what makes real marriages work.

5. Project Happily Ever After Alisa Bowman went from a bad marriage to a great one, and now writes withblogroll humility and humor about how you can too. Plus, Reader’s Digest named her one of the most inspirational woman bloggers on the Internet. Check her out!

6. Simple Marriage is written by Dr. Corey Allan, a marriage and family therapist with a Ph.D. in family therapy. He tackles issues in marriage, sex and spirituality. “Love is a process, not just a feeling. It produces action. Being married is no different,” is just one example of how simply and spot-on he writes.

7. Raising Great Men Marie Roker-Jones has created a well-rounded and necessary platform for discussing the struggles and joys of raising boys. This blog looks at the big picture: how to raise loving, emotionally secure, and confident young men “of character.” Good parenting advice and discussion for parents of any child, boy or girl.

8. Mama Be Good Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability–this is the story of one mother and her autistic son. Brenda Rothman’s poetic insight and strength through the roller coaster of parenting an autistic child is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

9. Pragmatic Mom focuses not so much on marriage as on education, books and activities for families. Great resources and ideas for fun, educational things to do with your children!

10. Smart marriages This is the website for the Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples education. I included it in this marriage blogs list because it has great resources–it’s not really a blog.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of great marriage blogs; I just tend to read these most often! What are your favorite marriage blogs? Feel free to link to them in the comments section.