How to Pick the Most Romantic Flowers for Anniversaries and More

Flowers are the quintessential romantic gift. Do you know how to pick the most romantic flowers for your anniversary? For a surprise gesture? For a birthday? In this guest post florist Lisa Bernshaw explains the traditional meaning behind flowers to help you pick the best bunch.

Giving flowers has been one of the most romantic and heartfelt gestures now for thousands of years. Just as you might give flowers to a loved one today so too did the Ancient Romans or Egyptians before you. Of course flowers have stood the test of time and proven so popular mostly because of their beauty – but there is more to it than that.

As well as being beautiful flowers are also often very personal. We all have favorite flowers, flowers that suit our styles and flowers that feature our favorite colors. When someone gives flowers and gets it just right it shows that they know recipient very well and that they care.

Flowers are also symbolic and laden with meaning too. Did you know that there’s a meaning behind every flower you give that can tie into the reason you give it? By understanding these meanings, you can give someone a gift that goes deeper than being beautiful and fragrant and that will accurately express how you feel. If the recipient of your bouquet knows the meaning behind the flowers you have chosen then they will be impressed and touched – and if they don’t you can share the knowledge with them to impress them.

Most Romantic Flower Meanings

Read on for help picking flowers for your spouse or friend and to discover the complex symbolism of flowers…

Lilac: The Lilac represents the first emotions of love. If you want to tell your new partner you love them but aren’t quite ready to say the words then a bouquet of lilacs might present a less terrifying route…

Bluebells: Bluebells express gratitude, making them the perfect gift to give to someone as a thank you or to show how much they mean to you. Bellflowers and several others also mean gratitude. Expressing gratitude in marriage is one of the keys to maintaining positivity and love in your relationship.

Box: Box flowers signify ‘constancy and commitment,’ making them some of the most romantic flowers for an anniversary or engagement.

Red Carnations: Red carnations mean admiration – perfect for admirers! Admiration and respect are just as essential as love and attraction for a long term partnership.

White Clover: White clover means a promise, which could make it ideal for an engagement, anniversary, or commemoration of other big event in your lives together.

Dahlia: The Dahlia represents elegance and dignity and is a great gift to give to the elegant beauty in your life.

Forget-me-not: Unsurprisingly, the meaning of forget-me-nots is remembrance! Perhaps a gift of a pot of forget-me-nots for your spouse before you head off on a solo trip?

Poppies: The sensuous poppy (which can be refined into an intoxicating drug) means ‘pleasure’ which makes them a fun choice for impending romance…

Red Roses: Roses are perhaps the most romantic flowers and the most classic. Red roses mean passion, love and desire. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

 Other Common Flower Meanings:

Combine the most romantic flowers above with these other flowers to create even more flower messages.

Azalea: Azaleas say ‘take care of yourself’ – which might make them good flowers to give to a loved one before going away or perhaps if your spouse is feeling unwell.

Pink Carnations: Pink carnations are the symbol of Mother’s Day. This is a good flower for dad’s to get for their wives (“from the kids” of course).

Hollyhock: Hollyhock means ambition, which could be a good gift for a promotion. Encourage and celebrate your spouse’s goals and successes. You should be each other’s biggest cheerleaders! This kind of positivity is essential for a loving marriage.

Lily: Lilies mean purity and majesty, great for graceful girlfriends or a majestic spouse.

Blue Periwinkle: Want to give flowers to a friend without creating a romantic misunderstanding? Then the blue periwinkle is perfect as it represents friendship.

Broom: Broom represents humility. Perhaps a good companion for a heart-felt apology? Watch out though as some people are allergic to broom. Learn the five steps for how to apologize effectively.

Freesia: Another option for apologetic flowers – this one meaning innocence.

So there you go. Now that you know the meaning behind the most romantic flowers and others there’s no excuse not to put a little more thought into the next bouquet you buy. The question is, what is it you want to say?

Author Bio:

Lisa Bernshaw is a florist by profession. Among other services, flower delivery in Perth is one of the most prompt services her shop is known for. An avid blogger, she highlights the meaning behind every flower.