Marriage and Religion by the Numbers

Marriage and religion are at the center of many couples’ minds, whether combining an interfaith marriage, discussing how to incorporate religion into child-rearing, or seeking religious marriage advice. Thanks to the folks at for this breakdown of the influence of religion on marriages and visa versa.

Most religions promote long-term unions between men and women and discourage divorce. Also, most Americans consider themselves religious (almost 80% Christian). Why then, are divorce rates rising? Hopefully this infographic will inspire you to think about your marriage and religion with new understanding.

Other statistics reported below may surprise you. For example, the group with the highest divorce rates are not among atheists, who actually fall below non-Christian faiths and Born-again Christians. Interesting, too, is the overall increase in “Grey Divorce,” or divorces in couples over 50 years. Read on for other fascinating facts about marriage and religion in the United States.

Marriage and Religion by the Numbers

marriage and religion

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