10 ways to rekindle love in your relationship

Time flies, days are busy, filled with work, school, play, family, community and so much more.  How much time is left for your marriage?  The answer to this question will certainly vary as lives change, families grow or other hurdles come along.  Remembering some (seriously) simple ideas to rekindle love in your marriage will shift the trend in the right direction!

1. Declare your love!

2. Agree with something your spouse has said.

3. Pitch in and help with something you don’t usually do in the household.

4. Express thanks for something your spouse has done.

5. Gladly do your part of the household functioning.

6. Do an activity together you both enjoy.

7. Give a gift—something you make or find or buy.

8. Smile.

9. Inquire about something of importance to your spouse.

10. Laugh together

Find a simple way to connect today

Take a few simple steps to show your spouse or partner that you care for and love them today and everyday.