Communication in marriage is key for sex after kids.

Communication in marriage is a really important part of keeping your sex life active and fulfilling.  In a recent survey put together by YourTango and Trojan 1,055 parents were asked about their sex life post kids. Respondents answered 35 questions about their sex life. The info graphic below sums up the results quite well. While some of the results were to be expected, parents are tired and have much less time than they did prior to having children. What was surprising is that 40% of respondents said their communication was better post kids. So many couples struggle with what ends up as a sexless marriage. Avoiding this outcome requires learning what role communication in marriage play in your post kids sex life? 

Finding time for sex when schedules are hectic, children’s needs come first, privacy is nearly non-existent and sleep deprivation is the new normal requires work! Parents report that they have to work extra hard to make time for intimacy.  Good communication can make that process a lot easier. When couples have good communication, ideas, thoughts and feelings flow freely.  Couples are able to talk both about how to sneak in a quick moment together and what they want and need out of that time.

Good communication in marriage can help with the challenges kids place on your sex life.

The good news for the other 60% is that communication in marriage is a learnable skill. Communication skills provide the framework to 1) Talk about your wants and needs 2) Use listening skills to hear and digest what your spouse is telling you 3) Understand each others needs and desires and 4) create a win win plan to make sure both partners feel satisfied and fulfilled. Learning simple communication strategies can turn previously uncomfortable conversations into a chance for learning and growth. Couples with strong communication skills often feel more intimately connected as well making sex more fulfilling for both people.

So much changes in the lives of new parents; better communication skills can be one of those changes.

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Communication in marriage
communication in marriage post kids is key for an active sex life.
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