Empower Yourself: 5 reasons to seek online relationship help

When you are struggling to change negative patterns and turn your relationship around for the better it is often hard to know where to start. Online relationship help can be a really helpful place to begin. One of the best parts of online relationship help is that you are in the drivers seat. You are giving yourself the tools and the power to change your relationship. When your relationship is strained and you are ready to seek counseling it is not usually because one day you woke up and were unhappy.  More likely there is a pattern of broken communication, negativity, anger and resentment that has been building for some time. Looking for help can feel overwhelming, the internet is often the first place folks turn.  Online relationship help is becoming more available as therapists are offering skype and online sessions, unfortunately these options still don’t solve several other major road blocks to getting help: time and money.  Finding time to sit down with a therapist or counselor (even via skype) can be difficult.  In addition, therapists who offer online counseling options often still charge high hourly rates for sessions held online.

online relationship help

Programs like Power of Two offer an alternative way to address both those concerns and there is one other key difference.  Power of Two is a skill based learning experience.  While traditional counseling can be very effective in understanding how your childhood and past experience are contributing to your current relationship challenges as well as looking at deeper issues, most couples can benefit greatly from learning relationship skills. When a couple or an individual seeks online relationship help it’s important to look for a program that teaches skills. Online relationship help can be an incredible tool for change.

 Here are 5 good reasons for a couple (or one partner) to seek help in the form of online relationship help

1. One partner is looking for help and the other partner isn’t there yet.

One major downfall of traditional counseling is that, in general, having both partners there is an important part of the puzzle.  While it is certainly a benefit and does foster success when couples are able to work together, online skill building programs like Power of Two offer an option when both parties aren’t ready yet.  Even when one partner commits to making changes and learning new skills the climate of the relationship will start to shift.

2. Previous experiences with in-person therapy have left a bad taste.

 Traditional, in-person counseling is widely know as an option when looking for help.  Finding the right therapist can be tough and not all therapists and counselors are created equal.  In fact, seeing the wrong therapist can often do more harm than good.  In addition, sometimes what ends up really turning things around for couples is actual SKILLS, which are not always a part of a traditional therapy experience.

3. Time is in short supply. Flexibility is essential.

When Power of Two began, Dr. Abigail Hirsch was teaching live online workshops. The material was the same material we teach today at Poweroftwomarriage.com, the key difference was that couples needed to set aside a weekend, or several hours and evenings a week to focus in and work as a couple on the material.  Even when couples had lots of freedom as far as when they attended the workshop, in the end the time commitment was just too significant to sustain.

4. Learning a concept is quick. Changing behavior patterns takes time.

Another major challenge with the live online workshops was that couples frequently left energized and excited about what they learned only to find themselves back at square one after a few weeks. In the end, couples need more time to learn the skills, practice them, and incorporate them into their lives. How long does it take? The answer is months, not weeks.

5. Privacy is a road block

Privacy is a concern for a lot of couples.  Many people are not comfortable laying out their private lives to a therapist. If one or both of the partners in a couple is concerned about their privacy and feels uncomfortable bringing a third party into their relationship, online alternatives can present a good option.  You can learn new skills and tools without having to share personal information.

The bottom line is that all couples can benefit from a brush up on relationship skills.  For couples looking for help when things have gone sour, online relationship help can be a godsend and can remove some of the road blocks to traditional counseling.


Photo Mike Licht