Relationship apps. A new way to connect with your love or just another distraction?

In researching this post I asked my husband to sign up for a few relationship apps to try out with me. Full disclosure it took him 2 weeks to actually sign up. He is a very willing participant and it still took him 2 weeks to actually sign up, so don’t be discouraged if your partner isn’t quick to get on board.  We did eventually have a chance to do them together, though I had fun checking them out on my own in the meantime! 64% of American adults own a smartphone. It’s no wonder that there is an “app” for just about anything and everything under the sun these days.  If you can lose weight, practice mediation, track your exercise and sleep patterns, learn a language or buy just about anything why not find an app that offers a new way to connect with your partner. Relationship apps can be fun and inspire ideas to kick start a date night, stay close when you are far away and much more.

While apps can make connecting with your partner easier in some ways, especially for folks who are already very active smartphone users, becoming too dependent on apps of this sort can backfire. Part of what humans look for in relationships is real connection, physical, emotional and spiritual.  While technology can make some things easier it will never be better than the old fashioned way of connecting. Beware of the pitfalls of technoference and remember like most anything balance and moderation are key. Give the apps a try, just make sure you are staying focused on the real connection you have and have fun with it!

Here are a few relationship apps to try and see for yourself whether it’s a benefit or not…

Couple–If you think all relationship apps must have been created by women, think again. Couple was dreamed up by a few men away on business wanting to stay connected to their partners. Couple is a private place you can share pics, relationship appsdrawings, videos, essentially any daily musing with your partner. Couple also has a few cute features like the “thumbkiss”  sounds corny right?  Well you’re right, it is a little corny, and at the same time anyone who has been apart from a spouse or partner for too long can overlook corny for connection!

relationship appsBetterhalf–Ever find yourself with unexpected free time or an unplanned date night with no plans or reservations? Betterhalf can help you create a last minute fun evening and share it with your partner. You can even buy tickets and add the event to your calendars right from the app. It almost makes planning a date together too easy!


Kahnoodle is the relationship app for gamers (or anyone who enjoys a good bit of competition) Couple can earn points for sharing affection and positive actions with their spouse. As you earn “kudos” they accumulate in your partners love tank and can even been redeemed for rewards. You can message each other within the app and earn points towards “date night deals.”  It’s a fun and lighthearted app to try!

relationship appsDaily Love  This one isn’t necessarily a relationship or marriage app.  I did find though that it impacted my daily thoughts about my spouse.  Daily love sends you a quote daily that is in general about love and relationships.  The quotes are funny, romantic and inspirational. The daily quotes just kept me in a positive state of mind about my relationship and about being a positive and loving person to the people I encountered throughout the day.  Gotta love that!! There were a couple quirks, you can save quotes you like to your “pasteboard” unfortunately I never found where said pasteboard is?? The other little quirk is that some of the quotes are unattributed, not a huge deal, just wanted to know who said what!

Here’s one I really liked from that app…

“When you trip over love, it is easy to get up.  But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.” Albert Einstein

Bottom line for me, it was a fun experiment.  I found the apps a unique way to connect throughout the day and get some ideas.  At the end of the day, like most of the other technology I use I prefer to shut it off when I am with my love to talk, touch and just be together.