10 fall date ideas to give your relationship a boost!

fall date ideas
Photo credit: Jim Bauer

It’s finally fall! The summer heat has come and gone (mostly) and it’s time to pull out the sweaters and rakes and take in all the delights of fall.  Cooler weather and shorter days means more time spent indoors and hopefully more time with your partner.  If summer, in all it’s glory was busy and expansive, fall signals a time to slow down a bit and settle into a different routine.  If you have kids, they are ideally settling into a new school year and the jitters and adjustments have softened. Time to look inward and focus on your relationship.

Here are 10 fall date ideas to put the focus on your relationship this season.

1. Take advantage of your city’s cultural offerings. Museums, Botanic Gardens, Theaters and Restaurants often have special events this time of year. Pumpkin festivals, corn mazes, Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, Boo at the Zoo events and so much more. These events are often kid and family focused, they can also be romantic and help you feel connected to the season.

2. Bake (or buy) your favorite fall treat and meet in a special spot.  If pumpkin spice latte’s are your thing, grab one for your partner and surprise them at work. Or better yet, grab the ingredients spend Saturday morning at home experimenting with a new recipe.

3. Have a pumpkin carving contest.  Go to a pumpkin patch and pick out a few of these quintessential fall crops and get to work.  Why not grab your favorite cocktail (or warm fall treat) and make a date out of it.  If your of the betting kind, it’s always fun to add a sexy wager to up the ante and keep things interesting!

4. Go on a fall colors hike.  If you are fortunate enough to live within driving distance of Aspen’s, Maple’s or any other tree or shrub that transforms with bold and rich hues it is well worth the drive into to see this special treat. Even just a walk in the park can capture the sounds and light of this temporary delight.

5. Plan a vacation.  When the weather starts to turn it can feel like a relief, you might even feel excited to get out your winter gear and feel the cold come in. It won’t be long though before you will be daydreaming of sun and surf, start planning now so you can make it a reality.

6. Have the first fire of the season together.  If you have a fireplace in your home, lucky you! Get some firewood, your favorite warm weather cordial and curl up by the fire.

7. Rake the leaves. Remember when you were a kid and raking leaves was a seasonal delight you relished.  Spend an afternoon raking leaves, then let your inner child shine out and jump into leaf piles, throw leaves in the air and watch them fall.

8. Dress up for halloween. Dressing up for Halloween might seem like an art you left behind as a child (or maybe your last care free days in college). Find a great couples costume and pour your heart into it.  Better yet find a costume contest to enter and win some money to put towards the vacation you are busy planning!

9. Have a double feature movie date. As the weather turns colder, indoor activities become more appealing. Pick a day to spend at the movies and make it a double feature.  Best of all no win win decision making required, you each pick a movie and everyone is happy.

10. Have a good ol’ fashioned dinner date, with a special intention. Spend some time with your partner talking about the next few months. What do you want out of this season for yourself and your family?  What things are must do’s over the coming holiday season. How can you round out the year with mindfulness and an attention to what really matters in life.

However you choose to spend time with your partner or spouse over the next few months, we hope these fall date ideas inspire a fun, light hearted approach to this season that leaves you feeling connected and energized!