Get your relationship spark back with these 6 great (not lame) date ideas.

In a date night rut? Does the thought of Valentine’s Day inspire boredom and you’d rather just stay home in your Pj’s and skip the whole production? Well don’t! As cliche as the idea of date night can be maybe you’ve just run out of good ideas!

Here are some fun ideas to light up that relationship spark and get in the mood for love again.

1. Take a guided tour of your city together.  

relationship spark
Photo credit: Flickr image_less_ordinary

Most larger cities (and certainly some smaller cities as well) offer all kinds of tours. Maybe you recently moved to a new city or maybe you’ve called your city home for years there is no doubt there is undiscovered territory. For the history buff a landmark tour might be a no brainer, even for a history novice finding out little know facts about your city can help you feel more rooted and connected to your surroundings and hopefully your partner too! Even better find a double decker bus, segway or bicycle tour to push your comfort zone and to keep the date feeling light hearted and fun.

2. Take an Ikebana class (flower arranging that is).

relationship spark
Ikebana baby! Photo by KeninMN

Okay so maybe this isn’t everyones cup of tea and you may have to come up with a complimentary date that might satisfy the other persuasion. BUT, what a cool and useful skill to have going forward. So let your artistic side out and you can fall back on that one anytime as I am sure there are few people who wouldn’t be impressed by a personalized flower arrangement.

3. Take a Daycation. 

You might be able to guess what a daycation is. That’s right…it’s where you pack up your car, or bikes, or backpacks and hit the road for the whole day. Maybe there is a small town 2-3 hours from your home that sparks your curiosity. Grab some coffee and yummy pastries, put on your favorite road trip music and hit the road. Stay all day, have dinner and drive back late in the night. Who knows you might get a wild hair, decide to grab a hotel room and keep the fun going!

4. Be a food critic for a day. 

relationship spark
The couple who eats together… Photo credit Joanne Wan

For the foodies among us, pick a restaurant neither of you have been too. Create a rating scale for the experience. When you go to dinner focus on the whole experience, the ambiance, the customer service, the place settings, the drinks and of course the food! At the end of the night share your reviews with each other. Were they similar? Did you two have a different feeling about the restaurant? Make it fun! Even better, make it a regular event and keep track of your ratings for future reference. Before you go brush up on your good listening skills to really pump up this date!

5. Find a cause you both believe in and have your own community service day.

Maybe you both love shelter dogs, is there an adoption event nearby you can volunteer for. Are you fitness enthusiasts? You could lend your time to a marathon or to a local teen sports program. Maybe you are avid hikers, find a trail clean up program and join in! The point is you have a little time, give a little time. A dose of positivity and good effort is good for your relationship and your community!. You will no doubt walk away with warmth in your heart for those you’ve worked with AND your partner.

6. Have a Staycation.

Take the kids to school or day care and call in sick! Spend the day together at home. Especially for parents, home becomes a hub of family activity and gone are the days of leisurely lounging around the house, especially gone are the days of spending a few hours in bed. Having some adult play time will certainly give you a jump start on getting that relationship spark back.

relationship spark
Don’t come a knockin…

Bottom line enjoying each other’s company, taking time to have adventures and new experiences together, is a key element in how to make a relationship last.