Wow! The blogosphere is loving PO2.

Power of Two has been making a particular effort to reach out to bloggers to review the Power of Two program.  We’re getting incredibly strong responses which we wanted to post here for everyone to read.

These posts are arms-length reviews without any compensation to the authors.  It seems they get the idea though — marriage education works, and Power of Two is the best way to get the help people need.

Here are our most recent blogger reviews:


nashville marriage studio


Thanks to everyone for helping us spread the word!

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What to do with nagging kids?

Dr. Heitler was quoted today in “SheKnows Parenting” talking about overly persistent kids.  Here’s a section of the article:

Someday, your child’s persistence may be one of her best attributes, but right now, she could be using it against you. “Repetition plus volume wear many parents down,” says Susan Heitler, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author of David Decides About Thumbsucking and The Power of Two. How do you resist? Heitler recommends “learning collaborative conflict resolution skills. If your kids, and you, have confidence that you can generally find win-win solutions, standing firm on occasional authority-based decisions becomes far easier.”

Why We Apologize Too Much, and How to Stop

See Dr. Susan Heitler quoted in Fitness Magazine.


… People who grew up with critical, demanding parents or bullying siblings frequently apologize as a way to placate others and avoid confrontation. “Early in life, they discovered that expressing regret, whether they agreed with the criticism or not, caused the other person to calm down, and they’ve continued this behavior as they’ve gotten older,” explains Susan Heitler, PhD, a psychologist in Denver and coauthor of The Power of Two Workbook (New Harbinger Publications, 2003). Women who fall into this category often say “I’m sorry” to stop or prevent an argument with their partner. But by habitually jumping in with an apology, they set themselves up to be the one at fault. “If you’re the only one taking responsibility, it reinforces the idea that when things go wrong, you are the bad guy,” says Heitler.

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Details Magazine: Your Marriage Isn’t Dead — It’s Comatose

Here’s an article quoting Dr. Heitler in Detail Magazine.  DETAILS is a self described “men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine, speaking to a new generation of cosmopolitan men.”

Here’s one of Dr. Heitler’s quotes:

“Too many people take that zombie zone as a sign that they need a divorce,” says Susan Heitler, a Denver psychologist and the author of The Power of Two: Secrets to a Strong & Loving Marriage. “The bulk of my practice is referred to me by lawyers, and I’d say 80 percent of those who’d gone in to get a divorce turned out to have great marriages.”

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Power of Two skills applied to care giving. Listen along as Dr. Heitler is interviewed by Pamela Wilson, the Care Navigator.


One of my favorite things about the Power of Two skills… they’re amazingly versatile.  These are life skills, not just relationship skills.  Listen along as Dr. Heitler explains how the Power of Two skills can be applied to the often difficult task of care giving.

Listen to the May 9th Special Radio Program Honoring Women Then select the May 9th program, (min 25:00) to listen to Dr. Heitler’s interview.

Dr. Heitler helps DPS Board members resolve conflict

Here’s more publicity for Dr. Heitler and her work with the Denver Public School Board in the Denver Times.

DPS board members Theresa Pena and Andrea Merida at Thursday's retreat

…Dr. Heitler said she focused on “how to make decisions in a group consensus-building way” and on teaching “radically stronger listening skills” after meeting with individual board members and reading media accounts of Monday’s meeting.

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