Dr. Heitler contributes to the Aug 2010 issue of Parents Magazine

Here’s an interesting question… “How to Fight in Front of the Kids”

That is just what’s addressed in the Aug 2010 issue of Parents Magazine (pg 104).  Among other experts in the field, Dr. Heitler, author of The Power of Two, is quoted in this interesting article which discusses the impact of fighting in front of children.

Speaking about children, Dr. Heitler says, “If they never learn to verbalize their true feelings, they may grow up squashing those feelings or believing that conflicts can never be resolved constructively.” She goes on to emphasize that children need good conflict resolution examples set for them.  Otherwise, children may be ill equipped when it comes to managing tumultuous times in their futures.

If you have children, or ever want to… I’d encourage you to pick up the Aug issue of Parents Magazine! Let us know your thoughts.  How do you think about handling marriage conflicts in front of kids?

Posted By: Katie Stokes