The connection between marital satisfaction and postpartum depression

Power of Two was deeply saddened when this recent tragedy hit so close to home in Superior, CO. Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of baby, Rylan Rochester.

Research suggests that one of the strongest predictors of postpartum depression is a poor marital relationship.  Adding a member to the family can be a tumultuous time.  At the Power of Two, we encourage all couples, and particularly those expanding their family to really focus on protecting their relationship by developing their Power of Two Skills.

Dr. Heitler recently contributed to an article written about the case of Stephanie Rochester, who very well may have been suffering from postpartum depression when she took the life of her 6 month old son.

While we prefer to keep things positive around here, sometimes a somber reminder really drives the point home. Healthy marriages are an extremely valuable commodity. They promote social health, children’s achievement, and an overall positive social impact.  Building strong skills to help keep your marriage collaborative, warm and loving is invaluable!

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Posted By: Katie