Want a good marriage? Don’t call your spouse a “Ball and Chain”

Thanks to Stu and Lisa Gray of the Stupendous Marriage Show for turning me on to this topic! Check out their podcast for some smart commentary.

Negative stereotypes about marriage are so pervasive in our society that it is almost impossible to escape them. Name almost any TV show with married couples and you’ll find at least one example of the “ball and chain” metaphor. Marriage is the end of fun. It is the end of sex. It means constant bickering and being tied to someone who you can’t stand for the rest of your life.

Media and popular culture certainly perpetuate these damaging stereotypes, and, at the same time, we are all just as guilty ourselves. Every time we complain about or badmouth our spouses to others, we perpetuate marriage stereotypes and hurt our own marriages. Continue reading Want a good marriage? Don’t call your spouse a “Ball and Chain”

Dr. Heitler helps Denver Public School Board Members move forward.

A proud moment here today at the Power of Two. We all would like to commend Dr. Heitler for the excellent work she did helping our local school board move beyond conflict and towards resolution.

Fox News Reports.

After new board member Andrea Merida got sworn in early  so that she could vote against a school reform plan, tensions were sky hight. That meant that longtime member Michelle Moss was not able to vote.

Dr. Heitler gave the group the same advice she gives couples, “The point is not to dwell on old past tensions, it’s to learn from them and move forward,” Heitler said.

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