Dr. Heitler contributes to Military Spouse Magazine

We can only imagine the great strain and stress military deployment puts on the marriages and families involved.  Given this, we owe to our soldiers and their families to provide as much support as we are able.  In Military Spouse Magazine, Dr. Heitler advises spouses of deployed soldiers on how best to set boundaries with in-laws: Don’t feel selfish that you want your spouse all to yourself upon return.  This is the first step in family healing, or reconnection. The second step includes the children.  The third is the in-laws and extended family.

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Posted by: Rosanna Smith, Power of Two Intern

Dr. Heitler contributes to the Aug 2010 issue of Parents Magazine

Here’s an interesting question… “How to Fight in Front of the Kids”

That is just what’s addressed in the Aug 2010 issue of Parents Magazine (pg 104).  Among other experts in the field, Dr. Heitler, author of The Power of Two, is quoted in this interesting article which discusses the impact of fighting in front of children.

Speaking about children, Dr. Heitler says, “If they never learn to verbalize their true feelings, they may grow up squashing those feelings or believing that conflicts can never be resolved constructively.” She goes on to emphasize that children need good conflict resolution examples set for them.  Otherwise, children may be ill equipped when it comes to managing tumultuous times in their futures.

If you have children, or ever want to… I’d encourage you to pick up the Aug issue of Parents Magazine! Let us know your thoughts.  How do you think about handling marriage conflicts in front of kids?

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The connection between marital satisfaction and postpartum depression

Power of Two was deeply saddened when this recent tragedy hit so close to home in Superior, CO. Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of baby, Rylan Rochester.

Research suggests that one of the strongest predictors of postpartum depression is a poor marital relationship.  Adding a member to the family can be a tumultuous time.  At the Power of Two, we encourage all couples, and particularly those expanding their family to really focus on protecting their relationship by developing their Power of Two Skills.

Dr. Heitler recently contributed to an article written about the case of Stephanie Rochester, who very well may have been suffering from postpartum depression when she took the life of her 6 month old son.

While we prefer to keep things positive around here, sometimes a somber reminder really drives the point home. Healthy marriages are an extremely valuable commodity. They promote social health, children’s achievement, and an overall positive social impact.  Building strong skills to help keep your marriage collaborative, warm and loving is invaluable!

Read the source article here:  http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=140245

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Power of Two skills applied to care giving. Listen along as Dr. Heitler is interviewed by Pamela Wilson, the Care Navigator.


One of my favorite things about the Power of Two skills… they’re amazingly versatile.  These are life skills, not just relationship skills.  Listen along as Dr. Heitler explains how the Power of Two skills can be applied to the often difficult task of care giving.

Listen to the May 9th Special Radio Program Honoring Women Then select the May 9th program, (min 25:00) to listen to Dr. Heitler’s interview.

conflict in caregiving situations

Dr. Heitler just taped a radio broadcaset for 630 KHOW for a program that will broadcast this Sunday.  The program is about conflict in caregiving situations (like amongst siblings who care for elderly parents).
People can listen live on Sunday May 9 (Mother’s Day) at 11 a.m. at www.khow.com or http://radiotime.com/station/s_33011/KHOW_630.aspx.
The podcast, which is probably about 10 minutes, will then be posted on www.thercaringgeneration.com.  The interview is focused on conflict and conflict resolution.
– PO2 Team

Dr. Heitler featured in Parent Guide News

A great article from Parent Guide News features Dr. Heitler writing about the age-old issue of mine versus ours.

She covers sharing time, activities, space, and other common shar-isms. And, more importantly, she highlights the slipery-slope which might show face if couples aren’t careful about how they spend their alone time.

It’s hard to know how much time is the right amount of time to be spending together or apart. This is a great read to help show you the ropes!

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Dr. Heitler helps Denver Public School Board Members move forward.

A proud moment here today at the Power of Two. We all would like to commend Dr. Heitler for the excellent work she did helping our local school board move beyond conflict and towards resolution.

Fox News Reports.

After new board member Andrea Merida got sworn in early  so that she could vote against a school reform plan, tensions were sky hight. That meant that longtime member Michelle Moss was not able to vote.

Dr. Heitler gave the group the same advice she gives couples, “The point is not to dwell on old past tensions, it’s to learn from them and move forward,” Heitler said.

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Dr. Heitler helps DPS Board members resolve conflict

Here’s more publicity for Dr. Heitler and her work with the Denver Public School Board in the Denver Times.

DPS board members Theresa Pena and Andrea Merida at Thursday's retreat

…Dr. Heitler said she focused on “how to make decisions in a group consensus-building way” and on teaching “radically stronger listening skills” after meeting with individual board members and reading media accounts of Monday’s meeting.

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Surviving Infidelity: Dr. Heitler sheds light on infidelity in the wake of David Letterman’s recent confessions

Infidelity is no small problem.  In 2008, USA TODAY reported that, “More than half of Americans — 54% — know someone who has an unfaithful spouse, according to a nationwide USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 1,025 adults.”

Larry King with wife, Shawn Southwick-King

So what are married couples to do with people like Larry King out there setting the example?  You can’t lock your spouse in the basement, or monitor their every move… Well, I guess you could, but that would be a whole other can of worms entirely.

What does Dr. Heitler and the Power of Two think?

Check out this article from the Denver Post.  Dr. Heitler sheds light on the issue of infidelity, in light of Larry’s latest scandal.