Post Thanksgiving Waist Line Blues and Marriage Skills????

So, as is generally the case, my Monday morning, post Turkey Weekend, step onto the scale was rather shocking.  How could all my hard weeks of watching what I ate vanish oh so quickly?

And, then, in the kind-of mental jujitsu that only someone who lives and breathes marriage improvement might indulge in, I couldn’t help but smile at the parallels between my waist and so many of our members marriages work on their relationships.

Here’s a few:

1.    While losing weight takes months, even a quick weekend of feasting can put it all back on.  Likewise, while building a strong marriage takes months, maybe even years, one massive argument or stupid indiscretion can sure set things back quickly.

2.    The best way to keep my waste-line to a place it fits in my pants is by carefully watching everything that goes into my mouth.  Marriages stay trim when spouses watch everything that comes out of their mouths.

3.    Over the long haul, the scale stays at reasonable when I build a life-style that includes healthy eating and exercise.  The best marriages, likewise, need a life-style that gives them time and feeds them with positive interactions.

I sure like the feeling of being slim and trim.  And, at the same time, there is nothing more wonderful in this world than the feeling of being part of a marriage that, no matter what the scale says, is joyful, passionate, intimate, argument-free and just plain awesome.  So all-in-all, I feel very thankful to be working on my relationship with my scale and indulging in my love for my husband!

I thank you and am thankful every day my dearest Adam.

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Interesting article about the factors that contribute to the longevity of a marriage

While surfing the web for some good Power of Two Facebook fodder I came across this awesome article called “Will This Marriage Last?“. The article is from back in 2006, but its content is timeless. Among many other factors, the article highlights the importance of Marriage Education. From the article:

“The couple’s expectations are a huge factor in the longevity of their marriage.  Couples who have attended premarital classes or counseling cut their odds of divorce by almost a third.  Premarital counseling might be the best wedding gift any newlyweds can receive.”

Hooked yet? Read about the other factors which may impact your risk for divorce here:,8599,1209784,00.html

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Stellar Article: “What Pets Can Teach Us About Marriage”

Ever compared how you greet your spouse to how you greet Sparky?!  You may be surprised what you find.  Check out this adorable article from the NY Times about “What Pets Can Teach Us About Marriage.”

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A little touch can go a long way…

NY TimesI found this so interesting, I just couldn’t resist sharing. Published this week in the NY Times is an article about the benefits of touching.

The article profiles researchers who analyzed the effects of touch based interactions in professional basketball. The team coded every bump, hug and high five in a single game played by each team in the National Basketball Association early last season.

In a paper due out this year in the journal Emotion, the team reports that with a few exceptions, good teams tended to be touchier than bad ones.

So, I know you’re dieing to know… What does all of this have to do with relationships?

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