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Hey all! I’m trying out using Mondays to post videos, pictures and other media in addition to the two weekly writing posts. These will be funny, moving, surprising…interesting short media-essays about a different theme each week. I’m starting out with this sweet marriage proposal video. What a touching amount of effort! Remember to add love, creativity, adventure, and silliness to your marriage at all points in your relationship!


How to save a marriage when cheating comes early

cheating husband wife newlywedsThis month has been full of public infidelities. On top of Governor Schwarzenegger’s affair(s), congressman Anthony Weiner has just owned up to tweeting racy images of himself to several young women. Weiner admitted that had been carrying on “inappropriate” relationships via text and email with many women although he had never met them in person. Unfortunately, tales of marital infidelity like this may seem like a worn out story by now. What may surprise you to know is that Congressman Weiner hasn’t even been married a year. He and his wife were wed in July 2010.


It’s hard to imagine newlyweds having to deal with something like cheating already. They are supposed to be madly in love, right? These are the “good years”! “In some cases, newlyweds want so badly for things to be perfect that they ignore warning signs, both in themselves and each other,” couples therapist Emily Gordon explains in this Huffington Post article. Being with another person is complicated. Marriage can be daunting and bring up complex emotions. No matter where you are in your relationship, it’s important to keep the communication lines open about your expectations, desires, and needs. And there’s no wrong time for couples counseling. The skills taught through Power of Two can help committed couples get their marriage started on the right foot. And if infidelity does come, there are resources to help with surviving an affair.


So what do you think? What other misconceptions about newlyweds have you’ve noticed from your own experiences?


Power of Two in Your Sleep???

Couldn’t resist sharing this lovely comment from a Power of Two Online member (with her permission of course!).

Her coach asked her, “when are you thinking about the skills you’re using?”

Her response:

Actually, I dreamt about it!   I caught myself saying something inappropriate and in my head (dream), I said to myself, this needs to be reframed.

Now that’s when you know you’ve learned a new skill!

Interesting article about the factors that contribute to the longevity of a marriage

While surfing the web for some good Power of Two Facebook fodder I came across this awesome article called “Will This Marriage Last?“. The article is from back in 2006, but its content is timeless. Among many other factors, the article highlights the importance of Marriage Education. From the article:

“The couple’s expectations are a huge factor in the longevity of their marriage.  Couples who have attended premarital classes or counseling cut their odds of divorce by almost a third.  Premarital counseling might be the best wedding gift any newlyweds can receive.”

Hooked yet? Read about the other factors which may impact your risk for divorce here:,8599,1209784,00.html

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Looking for a great marriage prep book? Check out “All-in-One Marriage Prep”

Just a quick note to share this great book. If you are looking for a great way to prepare your relationship for marriage you may want to check out “All-in-One marriage Prep” by Susanne M. Alexander.

Really want to get yourself ready? Make it a double wammie! Pick up the book and join Power of Two’s member site.