LHJ Relationship Q&A: Keeping in Touch with Former Flames

Dr. Heitler answers a tough question posed by a Ladies’ Home Journal reader.

The reader asks about her husband’s habit of keeping in touch with former flames. What is one to do when their spouse is hanging around the ex?

Dr. Heitler answers candidly, and makes suggestions about how to approach the topic. Heitler suggests being clever, not coercive, and approaching the serious topic during a romantic evening or special afternoon together. She offers advice to the reader on how to express to her husband how important she feels their marriage is, and at the same time express her concerns about his alone time with another woman.

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CBS’s Harry Smith calls Dr. Heitler’s effect on his life profound and permanent.

Throughout this week, The Early Show introduces its audience to the people who have had a positive impact on its co-anchors.

In an article by Rome Neal,  Harry Smith recalls a rough patch in his life and how Power of Two’s very own Dr. Heitler helped him see the light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Heitler diagnosed the co-anchor as depressed and clinically anxious. Ever more important, Dr. Heitler recognized that these issues were fixable.

In time, Harry introduced Dr. Heitler to his bride-to-be. With guidence from Dr. Heitler, they built a foundation for a partnersip that endures to this day.

In praise of Dr. Heitler, Smith said, ” People come from different worlds, different emotional backgrounds, and the time that Andrea and I spent with Susan [Heitler] was nothing short of invaluable.”

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