How marriage can make you rich – by Dr. Heitler

Did you know that people in happy marriages tend to make and save more money than single people? And money isn’t the only wealth of marriage. A good marriage means a happier, longer, healthier life. Divorce, on the other hand, usually leads to financial difficulties as well as unhappiness (of course, some separations are to the benefit of all involved). Dr. Heitler has written a great post about the wealth benefits of marriage that includes a quick check-in list so you can see if your marriage is on track.
1. Fun! How much actual fun time do you have in your marriage?

2. Appreciation. Don’t take your spouse for granted.

3. Sex. “Great sex can’t make a bad marriage good, but it’s essential to a happy marriage.”

4. Novelty. Have adventures, shake things up, try new things!

5. Making up. How do you heal after disagreements?

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