Save your marriage over dinner.

Have you heard of the term “dining dead”? In the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Joel asks “Are we like those bored couples you feel sorry for in restaurants?” Joel muses to himself. “Are we the dining dead?”

Can you save your marriage over dinner?

A recent New York Times article described this state as one in which a couple stops talking after many years of marriage finding themselves sitting across the table, wordless, with a vast distance between one another.

save your marriage
Image credit: Andre Slob

How does this happen?

So many couples are bursting with conversational energy when they first meet. There is much to discover; many evenings are spent talking into the wee hours. As time goes on the enthusiasm and excitement lessens and the day to day of life takes hold on conversations. Continue reading Save your marriage over dinner.

A little touch can go a long way…

NY TimesI found this so interesting, I just couldn’t resist sharing. Published this week in the NY Times is an article about the benefits of touching.

The article profiles researchers who analyzed the effects of touch based interactions in professional basketball. The team coded every bump, hug and high five in a single game played by each team in the National Basketball Association early last season.

In a paper due out this year in the journal Emotion, the team reports that with a few exceptions, good teams tended to be touchier than bad ones.

So, I know you’re dieing to know… What does all of this have to do with relationships?

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