Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Isn’t Hard)

We thought we’d take a look reality tv favorites and share thoughts about relationships.

First up!  Scott and Kourtney have a key party on Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

These are two beautiful humans but boy do they behave like babies.  Scott is the number one baby in the family (and I’m counting Mason).   Kourtney should assign household chores to her assistants and producers and leave Scott’s responsibilities at lookin’ pretty and chilling with his horrible friends.

Clearly Kourtney is upset that she’s married a manchild who can’t handle basic adult duties.  However she can’t throw keys at the problem.  You can solve a lot of problems by throwing keys at them, but in this case it only makes it worse.   She tries to “teach him a lesson,” never a fun move.    I always find that “demonstrating” something to my wife backfires, and all I really demonstrate is that we tend to waste time being annoyed at each other instead of saying whats really on our minds.   I think Kourtney could have got what she wanted much more easily if she just asked him nicely, and explained what she was worried about.  Scott is a totally reasonable guy ha haha ha ha oh my goodness I’m sorry that’s hard to say with a straight face.  Scott is a somewhat intelligent guy who would probably understand a basic concern for safety with their newborn son in the house.

LESSON: Don’t throw keys, its not the keys’ fault.    Don’t try to teach your partner a lesson, they aren’t a student in your 7th grade algebra class.   Use your mouth and brain to say what you think.  Also, don’t be on a reality show.   Check out this video from Dr. Hirsch about why its important to “Say it” when you have something on your mind.